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Advanced K is an excellent therapy to help diminish rosacea, dark circles, bruising and unsightly spider veins. This cosmetic secret helps to strengthen capillary walls by rehabilitating damaged skin and renewing underlying tissue. 


• All Skin Types

• Post-Laser

• Post-Operative Bruising

• Rosacea Types I & II

• Telangiestasia/ Couporose

• Post Vein Therapy

• Dark Circles

• Fragile Hands 


• Quick absorbing

• Nonstick

• For post vein garments

• Soothes traumatized skin

• Effective on rosacea patients

• Perfect for vein treatment

• Post-operative

• Helps strengthen capillary walls

• Minimizes bruising 



USP Glycerin, Phytonadione (Vitamin K), Squalane.

Advanced K

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