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AnteAGE® Hyaluronic Acid Gliding Solution 



The AnteAGE Hyaluronic Acid Gliding Solution is designed to be used as an adjunct topical to microneedling, microchanneling and/or all other advanced modalities where glide and slip are required. This formula contains a high percentage of High Molecular Weight (HMW) Hyaluronic Acid, as research shows lower molecular weights being pro-inflammatory in the skin. Due to the clean nature of the formulation, utilizing only native human molecules, this glide is especially suitable to protect and soothe “open skin” and provides rapid hydration to compromised tissue.


After your microneedling, microchanneling and other advanced procedures. May also be combined with the AnteAGE Microneedling & Microchanneling Solutions to allow better slip and glide over the skin.

• Contains only skin native molecules for highest safety profile

  • High Molecular Weight HA is used to promote an anti-inflammatory response
  • Can be used in any advanced modality where slip and glide is needed
  • Larger bottle size provides a convenient and affordable option in the treatment room
  • Paraben-free, FD&C Dye-Free, Sulfate-Free, Fragrance-Free
  • Approximate pH: 5.0

Key Ingredients & Functions:

High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

Excellent gliding agent; humectant; native to the skin; supports the ECM; anti-inflammatory.

AnteAGE® Hyaluronic Acid Gliding Solution

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