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EGF Cellular Activator 

Speed healing and repair, achieve healthier skin and discover a marked improvement in skin's elasticity and firmness with our EGF Cellular Activator, a proprietary blend of four potent peptides and organic proteins that work to activate rapid cellular turnover.


Containing bio-mimicking Epidermal Growth Factors, with our EGF Cellular Activator you’re able to promote the cell renewal process after a variety of esthetic services that cause a controlled injury to the skin such as cosmetic micro-needling and manual or cosmetic exfoliation including microdermabrasion and dermaplaning.


In addition to being an excellent micro-needling post-care product, our EGF Cellular Activator is also highly effective for post-care for acne-clarifying treatments and can be utilized after the application of retinol, resorcinol, salicylic acid, and other topicals used to treat lesions and prevent new breakouts.


As part of an at-home skincare regimen, the EGF Cellular Activator provides nourishment and cellular regeneration through topical application, which supports the slowing down of the aging process and contributes to a noticeable boost in the skin’s firmness and elasticity for an overall youthful appearance.

EGF Cellular Activator

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