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Rise & Shine Sleeping Masque contains maximum levels of plant-based sulfur. This natural mineral helps to penetrate inflamed pores. Weekly use will cause existing acne to dry and clear up, as well as prevent new blemishes from forming. This is achieved all while you SLEEP! How amazing is that? 

 • Adult/Hormonal Acne

 • Acneic 

 • Body Acne

 • Oily/Combination

 • All grades of Acne 

 • Minimizes Sebum Production 

 • Recurring Breakouts 

• Helps absorb excess oil (sebum) that may contribute to acne breakouts

• Dries out dead skin cells to help unclog your pores

• Antibacterial properties, helping to combat the presence of P. acnes bacterium that can cause infections within the dermis

• Re-textures skin

• Controls breakouts 

• Prevents Collagen Breakdown 

• Combats the spreading P. Acnes Bacteria

Rise & Shine Sleeping Masque

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