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Included in this kit:

Supplies for 2 - 4 facial treatments 
2 reusable facial sponges, One Amazonian Rejuvenation loose leaf tea bag, Herbal + Epsom Salt Bath Soak (Eucalyptus essential oil, Lavender flowers, Chamomile flowers, Hibiscus flowers).

Step 1: Neroli Repair Oil Pre-Cleanse
Step 2: Hydrating Herbal B5 Cleanser Cream
Step 3: Enzyme Exfoliation (Regenzyme) - Typically only available to licensed pros
Step 4: Hydrating Toner Mist with Chamomile & Lavender
Step 5: Vitamin C + Enhancement Serum
Step 6: AnteAge 1 & 2 Step System

All products in the kit are labeled in order by steps that coincide with the short & sweet version on the protocol that is printed on the outer kraft bag that the items come packaged in. 

Spa Day Sampler Kit *

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