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VR Spray 2oz. 


Hydrating Spray is a unique and balanced formula designed to provide therapeutic ingredients to vaginal tissue to tighten and firm the vaginal walls. The pharmaceutical grade, high potency sodium hyaluronate will stimulate vaginal tissue to rehydrate and increase tissue volume. 



This tightening happens in a short period of time-usually minutes. Squalane, a naturally occurring moisturizer, helps to restore the proper balance of the skin’s oils and helps with the tightening effect. This product is designed to renew vaginal integrity, plump tissue, enhance the tightening effect, and return the vagina to a younger, more natural state.



• Helps to restore vaginal suppleness, contracts and reshapes the vaginal walls.

• Permanent vaginal tightening when used over a longer period- continual use is required.

• Enhanced lubrication and relief from vaginal dryness.

• Eliminates odors and relieves itching.

• Clinically tested for effectiveness.

• Safe for daily use; non-sensitizing.

VR Spray 2oz.

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